Under the esteemed patronage of His Royal Highness Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa, Prime Minister of Bahrain

APICORP Energy Forum 2015
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The APICORP ENERGY FORUM 2015 is structured in three strategic themes

The APICORP Energy Forum is the region’s most influential energy industry event. The Forum brings together the region’s energy industry leaders, energy investors and most influential stakeholders to discuss the factors shaping the region’s energy sector and to identify future strategies for regional energy policy, outlook and finance.

Each theme addresses an area primary strategy focus. And by examining the key factors influencing each of these themes, the APICORP ENERGY FORUM 2015 aims to build a comprehensive strategic view that can support the region’s energy sector as it tackles the opportunities and challenges ahead.


The APICORP Energy Forum will feature a full Ministerial Panel Session dedicated to setting policy in a volatile market.


What does the future hold for the oil market? What factors are shaping the region’s energy industry? What do future strategies look like?


Understanding the reality of capital availability and how you might need to adapt your strategy in this fast-moving sector.


The Arab Petroleum Investments Corporation (APICORP) is an investment company established to foster the development of the Arab world’s oil and gas industries. The organization was created under the terms of an agreement signed by the ten Member States of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OAPEC) in September 1974. Read more about APICORP


Join the most trusted and respected names in the global energy industry.


7 hours of high-level discussion and exclusive networking opportunities
09:30 - 11:00

Policy Session Begins

Opening Keynote Address

His Excellency Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi

Ministerial Panel Session

Moderated by:
John Defterios

Plotting a New Course: Setting policy in a volatile market

Discussing policy priorities and strategies in light of lower oil prices and weaker demand Perspectives on market volatility and the role that financial markets and oil market speculation play Energy efficiency, diversifying energy sources and downstream development Reforming energy prices
His Excellency Eng. Tarek El-Molla
His Excellency Dr. Abdul Hussain bin Ali Mirza
His Excellency Ali bin Ibrahim Al-Naimi
11:15 - 12:30

The Oil Market Outlook Session Begins

Testing the new oil market consensus

How does the volatility in pricing and slowing demand affect the overall view of oil in the marketplace?
Paul Horsnell

Middle East oil scene in a more competitive environment

How key a role does the region play during a volatile and transformational time?
Dr. Bassam Fattouh
13:30 - 14:45

Finance session begins

MENA Energy Investments and Finance

Evaluating the investment opportunities and financing options available Moderated by:
Richard Thompson

Investment Prospects in the Global Energy Complex

Adapting to changes in the project finance paradigm
Kenneth Pontarelli
Ahmed Badreldin

The appetite for financing energy projects in a low price environment

A lender’s perspective
Matthew Nathan
Chris Sutcliffe